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EDMX 'Cerberus'

POWVAC002 - EDMX 'Cerberus'
Release Date: 23-07-12
Format: Vinyl / Digital
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Side A - Cerberus Cerberus clip.mp3

Side B1 - I'm Rushing My Tits Off I'm Rushing My Tits Off cli.mp3

Side B2 - Orange Squash Orange Juice clip.mp3

In Hades no one can hear you scream. Vast armies of centurions fight for acid dominion. Marching music fills the air, music for the brave. Sheets of chemical rain stain the night sky orange and red. Cerberus belches out of the night like a shotgun blast to the face. This slavering three headed beast with coal black eyes patrols the banks of the river Styx, the river of lost souls. It's hot sulphurous breath and steaming piles of iridescent dung fill the air with the stench of the damned as the wretched hoards moan by, wrapped in the rivers currents. In the background are lakes of burning fire. Skeletal battalions raid moss covered temples where the sweet smell of incense mingles with fresh blood. Somewhere in the forest a ritual begins, the hypnotic melodies of Pan like a soothing balm. For tonight wine must be spilt as well as blood.